Re-Key Services

Full re-key and master keying services from experienced locksmith technicians.

Professional Re-Keying Services

Replacing locks can be expensive, which makes it much more painful to replace them when a single key is lost. However, instead of changing the whole lock, there is another option having Keyworx Locksmiths re-key the existing locks.

Essentialy, re-keying means that our locksmith will replace the existing tumblers and keys with a new set of keys that are cut to a newly generated combinations

Note: Keyworx never reuses keys from a previous job to rekey your locks like many other Locksmith Companys do.

Where Precision Meets Low-cost

The big advantage of re-keying is obviously the cost, but it can also open the door to another advantage. While Keyworx is re-keying your property, we can make all of your locks work off the one key (Keying alike).

You can always count on Keyworx for Top notch service. Wewill only use proven Quality locks and materials when performing our service work.

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Keyworx Locksmiths is a local Norval business and proud to provide comprehensive locksmith services to the surrounding community.


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